Wall Street Finance Ltd., (WSFL - Spice Money) is now a part of the Spice Global Group, a conglomerate worth US$ 2 billion. Spice Global Group serves over 25 million customers globally and has its spread over India, SAARC countries, South-East Asia & Africa, through its varied range of products. WSFL is a listed  non-banking financial company dealing with Foreign Exchange and Money Remittance as its core activities for the past 2 decades. We are an Authorized Dealer (Category II) licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) operational over 38 locations in India and with a dedicated  team of over 400 employees rendering services to meet the foreign exchange requirements. WSFL is one of the first Principal Agent of Western Union in India who is authorized to appoint sub-agents across the country. Seizing the opportunity, WSFL has developed and established a strong trust-worthy network of over 6000 sub-agents.          
As per 23/9/2014
  Currency   Code We Buy We Sell
US Dollar USD 57.05 63.85
EURO EUR 73.85 82.35
Sterling Pound GBP 93.15 103.50
Australian Dollar AUD 52.25 57.15
UAE Dirham AED 15.45 17.45
Saudi Arabian riyal SAR 15.05 17.35
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